Fiona Scott
5 min readFeb 17, 2023

And here we are again. Week Seven of The Apprentice in the UK and ten candidates remain, two having opted out of the process for various reasons.

This week Lord Sugar had the teams standing in St Paul’s Cathedral talking about the school attached to it and how it had been a seat of education for around 900 years.

He tasked the teams with designing and selling a lunchbox for six to eight year olds — and he mixed the teams up a bit. The teams also had to create an app to go with the lunchboxes to add a modern ‘element’.

For Team Apex, Dani became project manager and for Team Affinity, Sohail was chosen as he made much of the fact that he works with children through running a martial arts business. Just let that sink in a moment. He has experience of children of that age group. It’s worth bearing this in mind as the task unfolded.

Dani bulldozed her idea upon her team — which she could do as a project manager — coming up with the idea of Larry the caterpillar which reminded me of a certain caterpillar cake that you can buy from a certain supermarket. It was colourful and relatively creative yet instantly any parent would think ‘that’s far too babyish for six to eight year olds’.

Once again, naysayer Victoria kept pointing that out over and over again while, once again, not adding any positive solution or suggestion. Not that Dani would have listened. She was on a mission and nothing was standing in her way — including the wise words of others.

However sub team leader Simba did, in designing the app, mix it up a bit by trying to make said caterpillar Larry appear a bit more mature — with trainers, a baseball cap, and a ‘hip hop’ song to move things along. The app game was basic but it did end with transformation into a butterfly. For me, Simba played an important role in this task.

On the other team, Affinity, Sohail found himself up against Marnie, who displayed the kind of emotional unintelligence of someone with great ideas who simply has to push herself forwards, never shuts up, causes delay after delay by her constant interruptions. She hasn’t seemed to recognise the fact that when you behave like that — and your tone is so aggressive and know-it-all — even if your ideas are wonderful, people will not listen to you. They will do…



Fiona Scott

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