Fiona Scott
4 min readFeb 23

As Week Eight of this year’s BBC tv series of The Apprentice began the nine remaining candidates were tasked with creating an ‘immersive’ experience for paying guests which included food, drink and entertainment.

And so the fun began with Mark, the pest controller, putting himself forward as project manager for Team Apex and the other team members quickly agreed. On the other team, Avi & Marnie slogged it out with Avi finally winning the day. The two most annoying candidates going head to head and, in this episode, Avi coming out on top in the increasingly annoying stakes!

Team Apex opted for a ‘prison experience’ with Megan and Simba in the role of prison officers — and they were outstandingly good. Mark had a clear idea that ticket prices for this event would be £180 a head — and with that in mind Megan and Simba went off to choose the food. Luxury price tag, luxury food (having learned from mistakes around this on a previous task).

Sadly for them, Mark turned out to be a man of ticket indecision. Very quickly he decided the price tag was too high and brought it down — and down, down and down. Coupled with weak selling tactics from team mates Victoria and Dani…well, no members of the public were convinced and, in the office teams, they team didn’t sell one ticket for more than £60 a head. This team were almost losing money before the experience began and it only got worse…

Team Affinity settled on a more sensible price point and chose a Victorian experience where guests would be Victorian school children, complete with being caned (bizarre), taken down the mines and getting all dressed up. Their entertainment was a contortionist who was astonishing and very eerie, frankly. Food options were more basic. Would this be a decisive factor in making or losing money?

Mark and his ever-changing price point led him to face a dilemma. Should he employ a magician for entertainment or not? Victoria urged him not to do it. Mark went ahead and also paid the magician top whack for a 40 minute show. Big mistake.

Both teams put on a good show although another major failure by Mark and his team became very clear. They’d brought the ticket price down and down as his team sold the ‘tour around a prison’ — they did not sell an ‘immersive…

Fiona Scott

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