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Oh So Yum or Pyjamily? Which brand would get your investment?

Which brand would you choose? Which stood out for you?

And so we now know — we know who has won the latest series of the BBC tv series The Apprentice and we know which brand we’re going to be seeing across the UK over the coming months.

From 16 candidates across 12 episodes which I’ve watched faithfully each week since January, the winner was Harpreet Kaur and her vision of very tasty sweet desserts to be sold in stores and also online under her brand name Oh So Yum.

In second place, sadly for me, was Swindon’s own Kathryn Burn who is already selling her EveryDay Pyjamas online and wanted Lord Sugar’s investment to scale up under her new brand name Pyjamily — a name I really liked.

This was a very well behaved episode with fired candidates returning to help the two finalists so the tension of previous episodes all gone. On Harpreet’s team, the high-pitched Brittany helped created a ‘Disney’ like advertisement with a cheesy poem however it seemed to work.

Nick showed a very hidden talent as a tv extra eating cake and more cake and the logo Oh So Yum, did work overall. Harpreet understands the concept of having treats, gift vouchers and our UK love of sweet treats. There were a few things which bothered me though.

Lord Sugar has already invested in a similar business in the past — Ridiculously Rich by Alana. Although I’ve no idea if he’s still involved, Oh So Yum is remarkably similar. It’s all about very rich and sweet treats being sold in the real world (mostly markets) and online via a subscription service. So is Lord Sugar going head to head with one of his previous businesses? and if he’s still involved how is that going to work?

The other thing was that in the last episode there was much made of the fact that Harpreet was actually in business with her sister — who we have never seen or met. This was raised of an issue. However when we got to the final, there was absolutely NO MENTION of this invisible sister. For me that left a very big question mark.

Kathryn’s Pyjamily vision about selling ranges of bright and vibrant pyjamas for families and dogs — was different and it struck me that Kathryn’s vision was to focus on marketing across social media through using influencers to sell to their audiences.



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