Fiona Scott
4 min readFeb 10, 2023

ANOTHER WEEK another episode in the UK of the latest series of The Apprentice. A Thursday night treat full of ohs, ahs and a generous dose of cringing.

The challenge for the teams this week began when it was announced that one candidate, Reece, the performing arts person from Scotland, had stepped away from the series due to unforeseen circumstances so the teams really were a ‘man down’.

On the horizon was a trip to Dubai where they had to come up with an ‘experience’ for two business teams who wanted to be thrilled in return for a dollop of dirham (Dubai currency). These teams were able to take part in a day-long experience and if they were not happy they could ask for a partial refund of their investment.

Victoria, who apparently had experience of working in Dubai, was made project manager for Team Apex and there was a scrabble between Rochelle and Avi for the lead role on Affinity. Rochelle won that little skirmish — she may have wished she had not…

Victoria went straight for luxury with jet bikes, talk of yachts, luxury food and visions of caviar and oysters. She thought they could persuade their corporate client to part with more than 3,000 dirham each (about £680 each). Sadly though, inspite of her luxury vision, they were beaten down to 1,600 dirham each (£361).

This was a bit of a shame as the ‘food team’ made up of Mark & Megan had gone for the best of the best in their taste test so profits were diminishing by the minute.

With Team Affinity, they went in high and they achieved great heights — or so it seemed. They secured a price of 2,100 dirham per person (£474) and then promised the lap of luxury. At the same time the sub team, led by 007 James, went for the cheaper end of the food including lettuce, vegetable kebabs and some kind of toasted bread with a little humous. You just knew that wasn’t going to literally ‘go down’ well. Add to that a very very expensive DJ who would arrive later on their small yacht for an experience which paid him pure gold.

As for the days out, Team Apex went out on the water on their jet bikes, headed off and all seemed wonderful. Until the business team complained that they were tired and fed up (this was after a bizarre quiz on the water) and wanted to go back. Oh dear.



Fiona Scott

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