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This week I’m looking at three more amazing people on Scott Media Speakers who can add value, expertise, inspiration and motivation to your event. That event could be for charity, community, a business sector, conference, summit, awards evening or even a workshop where the organiser wants to create a moment of magic.

Defying Expectations, Championing Inclusion:

Born with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Emma Sheardown was told she would never walk or talk.

But by age six, with physiotherapy and family support, she took her first independent steps. She’s not one to take ‘no’ for an answer.

Emma discovered Para Dressage as a teenager. Her talent and sheer dedication was such they got her onto Great Britain’s development programme. In no time she was representing her country on the world stage at the World and European Championships, becoming both World and European Champion with an impressive medal tally.

But when her sporting career ended suddenly in 2017, Emma was faced with the challenge of having to rebuild her life and her dreams.

Not a stranger to overcoming adversity, she has the mindset of an elite athlete. Given the experience of her own mental health journey, it was obvious that she should become a motivational and disability inclusion speaker.

Today, Emma inspires and educates others with her story. Her motto, ‘There’s No Such Word As Can’t’ is the cornerstone of her brand and popular keynote talk.

She speaks on overcoming adversity, ‘Turning No into Go’ and disability awareness, aiming to instill self-belief and motivation in her audiences.

Emma is also passionate about educating businesses and organisations about disability. She wants to help customer-facing staff get more confident and build positive relationships with a full range of customers, underlining the idea that physical abilities do not define intellect.

Emma’s purpose is clear. She wants to inspire those who are struggling while fighting for a more inclusive, accepting, and accessible society for people with disabilities.

If you’re looking for a speaker who can motivate and educate about resilience, inclusion, and the power of a “can-do” attitude, Emma is the perfect choice.

Her story of defying expectations and becoming a world champion athlete is the perfect illustration of the human spirit. With her engaging presence and profound insights, Emma is uniquely placed to inspire people to overcome obstacles and create a more inclusive world for all.


Moving From Chip Shop to Fine Food

Some people just live and breathe their passion. People like Dave Nelson. Food isn’t just his job — it’s been his obsession for as long as he can remember.

Think about those childhood food memories that stick with us. For Dave, it was his mother’s amazing roast chicken dinners. The ultimate comfort food. But then there were the dreaded school lunches that turned his stomach. From an early age, Dave had a love-hate relationship with food.

It makes sense that he channelled that obsession into a profession. He’s spent an entire career working his way through a menu of food-related gigs. He started peeling potatoes in a chip shop as a teen. From there, he moved into catering and event management for hotels. But his real love is fine dining.

He waited tables at a nice restaurant to make ends meet at university. Summers were spent hauling crates for a milk delivery service.

Dave saw the pandemic in 2020 as an opportunity. He launched Truffle & Thyme, delivering artisan grazing boxes and gift hampers to everyone stuck at home. The ultimate passion project.

These days, Truffle & Thyme does it all — small gatherings, weddings, corporate shindigs. Dave is still that food-obsessed kid at heart, but with decades of event experience making everything drool-worthy.

He’s big on the Slow Food movement too — sourcing sustainable, local ingredients. Because for Dave, every bite connects us to the journey from farm to fork. That’s his true passion.

As a speaker, Dave can literally talk food all day long. His stories of weird cooking gigs and crazy banquet mishaps? Hilarious. But he also gets passionate about pulling together mind-blowing flavours. If you want someone who can make your audience fall in love with food again, Dave’s your guy. He can also share his small business journey so far.

At his core, Dave never lost that childhood sense of wonder about food. His infectious enthusiasm is a reminder to savour every last crumb of life’s deliciousness.


Bridging the Financial Literacy Gender Gap

In the world of financial empowerment for women, Diane Watson commands attention. As the founder of ‘She Can Prosper’, she is helping to bridge the gender gap in financial literacy. She wants to give women the tools they need to take control of their financial futures.

Diane has almost 30 years of experience. She has won awards as a financial advisor and entrepreneur. She brings a wealth of knowledge, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges women face with money. She focuses on investment and retirement planning, income protection and estate planning. Her approach is both personal and practical.

But Diane’s impact goes far beyond one-on-one advice. Through ‘She Can Prosper’, she’s building a vibrant community. There, women can connect, learn, and grow together. The community is changing lives. They do it with workshops, mentorship, online resources, and her bestselling book.

Diane is a sought-after speaker and thought leader. She tackles the complex issues about women and finance. She shares her own experiences as a single mother, entrepreneur, and trailblazer. She inspires others with her resilience and determination.

But what truly sets Diane apart is her commitment to making a difference. She’s not just talking about change. She’s making it happen by getting involved in education and women’s empowerment initiatives. Diane served as a school governor and supports international charities. She’s living proof that one person can have a big impact.

Diane Watson is the perfect choice to inspire and empower your audience. She talks about financial literacy and gender equality. Her expertise, passion, and authenticity make her unforgettable. She is a powerful voice for positive change in the lives of women everywhere.

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